Sarah Palin Epic Fail - To most observers Sarah Palin is a walking, talking paraody of a politician. Well, in this case she doesn't even have to speak to make a complete of herself. Epic Fail and Fail Pictures, Fails, and User Submitted Anonymous Fail Stories Pelosi and Schumer’s plan, however, turned out to be an epic fail and they have become the internet’s next favorite meme. “Chuck and Nancy look like they’re selling me a reverse mort.e,” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld wrote and many, many others joined in on the fun. Well dogg gonnit! Will Ferrell’s Full As George W. Bush At #NotTheWHCD | Full Frontal on TBS - Duration: 11:41. Sarah Palin Epic Fail.

  • Sarah Palin Epic Fail

    Sarah Palin Epic Fail

    Upload date: 07-03-2014
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