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Lobo - Episode 1

Lobo - Episode 1

Uploader: ABS-CBN Entertainment

Size: 60.06 MB

Duration: 43:44

Date: May 14, 2017

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Not long after learning that her husband, Lorenzo Blancaflor, is a werewolf, Savannah gets another shock when Lorenzo accidentally kills an innocent man. Fearing for her daughters’ safety, Savannah follows Lorenzo’s advice to take them to a remote place while he asks help from his estranged twin sister Elleonora to save him from impending punishment. Unfortunately, Elleonora is powerless against their father, who is the leader of the werewolf council, the Wayas. With her brother’s death weighing on her conscience, Elleonora searches endlessly for the family Lorenzo left behind. Meanwhile, raising her daughters alone, Savannah tries to keep Lorenzo’s true identity a secret from everyone, including their daughters, until her daughter Nessa reaches her twenty-first birthday and discovers that she has inherited her father’s beastly nature. Nessa calls off her engagement to Emil for his protection but she is unable to spare her own mother whom she ends up killing in her desolation and struggle to control her powers. Emil sets out to see Nessa in hopes of convincing her to reconsider her decision, but what he ends up seeing is Nessa transforming into a wolf.

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Episode Cast:
Piolo Pascual (Noah) / Angel Locsin (Lyka) / Pilar Pilalpil (Eleanor / Elle / Lady Elle) / Robert Arevalo (Manolo) / Shaina Magdayao (Gabby) / Gio Alvarez (Elton) / Dimples Romana (Trixie) / Ryan Eigenmann (Anton)

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